In a world where literally anyone, anywhere can read your content, your target audience gets harder and harder to reach. That’s why experts are predicting that local, immersive and genuine content will rule the future. Here’s how to embrace the content-marketing trends and return to the ever-present goal of encouraging consumers to buy again.

Content Drives the Buyer’s Journey

It’s important that content marketers don’t lose sight of the ultimate goal of marketing: to drive sales. Great content adds value, starts conversations and helps consumers make decisions centered around your product or service.

People Still Trust Reputable Content the Most

According to The Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Survey, the most-trusted source for content is people we know. This is why brand image and consumer interaction are so important. When they’re effective, your consumers start to trust you and associate you with your field of expertise.

Consumers Crave Experiences

With thousands of articles at their fingertips, consumers are seeking out brands with which they can personally (and locally) interact. That’s why immersive storytelling and local brand experiences continue to be at the forefront of marketing strategies.

Authenticity Beats Automation

While technology is great for basic tasks, nothing is better for creating personal connections than authentic communication. Thanks to its tangibility, longer lifespan and engagement of more than three senses, print is still considered the most authentic medium.

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