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Your recommendation of us to other local businesses is the highest compliment we can get. But it also now means something extra for you! Through our publishing company’s Referral Upgrade Program, you will receive a free upgrade on your ad size for one month. For example, if your company normally runs a 1/4-page ad, you will be upgraded to a 1/3-page ad for one month, after your referral becomes a client. Likewise, if you usually have a 1/2 page ad, we’ll upgrade you to a full page.

Take advantage of the Referral Upgrade program today by introducing us!

Referral Program

Refer a fellow business owner and get a size upgrade in our magazine!

We partner with Best Version Media (BVM), one of the fastest-growing private publishing companies in North America, to produce East Fishkill Living, her hometown monthly magazine, and works with colleagues on a number of similar glossy publications around the Hudson Valley, Westchester County, Rockland County and Connecticut. If you have target audiences in those areas, contact Jeanne to learn more. Thanks to BVM for portions of this content.


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