For years, marketers have expected print media to become obsolete. Print advertising, however, is not going anywhere. It taps directly into the target audience’s perception of value and desirability for a product or service more than any other medium. And, thanks to a handful of neuroscientists, we have the science to prove it. Extensive research by Temple University’s Fox School of Business proves that print advertisements trump digital in the following ways:


Digital sources are skimmed quickly, allowing readers to jump from one article to the next, dodging ads as they go. Paper-based reading, however, is inherently more deliberate and stimulating. Print ads make a stronger, longer-lasting impression. According to a study by MarketingSherpa, 82% of U.S. internet users trust print media more than any other medium when making a purchase decision.

Product Desirability

Temple University found a way to quantify an ad’s effectiveness in promoting desire for a product or service: Print advertising activates the part of the brain responsible for product desirability more than digital media. Why? Physical material requires more emotional processing, which builds strong brand associations and prompts internalization of the ad content.


In today’s world, readers hardly give anything their full attention. Print breaks the pattern of inattentive multitasking: When readers pick up print media, they engage fully with what they are holding. A range of studies indicate that print content is not easier to understand than digital content, but is more memorable: Readers’ ability to recall a brand name they saw in an advertisement is 70% higher with print media than digital.

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