In the world of advertising, “the rule of seven” suggests that it takes an average of seven impressions for a potential customer to reach a buying decision.1

While not every person fits this mold and needs to interact with your business seven times, it shows how important it is to build multiple touchpoints into your advertising strategy.

With the rule of seven in mind, we recommend focusing on quality ads with effective messaging.

Many people think the rule of seven means that more messaging is always better, but the key to successful advertising is finding the right balance between quality content and enough volume and repetition to stay top-of-mind.

Consistency Builds Trust

Start by finding a few advertising outlets that work for your business, and then shift your focus to strategically craft memorable and effective messages that will make a lasting impression.

Once you establish multiple communication channels, make consistency a priority in your advertising campaigns. It’s been shown that 95 percent of purchasing decisions are made subconsciously.2 This means that building trust and loyalty over longer durations of time is crucial to your overall marketing efforts. Tap into the subconscious minds of customers by keeping your brand in front of them on a consistent basis. This way, they’ll be sure to remember you over the competition when they eventually need your product or service.

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