Branding is about positioning your business in both “awareness” and “feel.” In other words, branding makes potential customers think of you and feel good about you. Sometimes that requires starting a new trend, developing unique products or services and delivering a superior value to consumers. But it simply always requires the repetitive presence of your name in the proper venues.

Innovation does not emerge immediately, and neither does a powerful brand. Brand building requires more than just advertisements, and it takes time. The payoff in the long run will most certainly be profitability and longevity.

Your brand is a promise to everyone who does business with you. As Socrates one said, “Be as you wish to seem.” With branding, your business must be what you (and your customers) wish it to seem. Here’s how:

Have a Singular Message.

As a brand innovator, you must address the needs of your consumers through value and product propositioning. In other words, what are your brand attributes? What value do your products and services deliver? What problems do you solve? A brand positioning needs to articulated this clearly and concisely, and should be used consistently in all of your marketing and communications. Go to the core of your business, determine what message your consumers need to hear, then deliver it.

Be Simple, But Thorough.

Your field of expertise may be complex, but your branding shouldn’t be. Deliver your message in simple, clear terms that should resonate with your audience.

Be Consistent.

Now that you’ve chosen your singular message, it is important to deliver it to your target audience again and again, but in creative, informative ways. Consistency builds trust. Customers will come to trust your business through familiarity with your brand.

Give Them Something.

Sponsorships are the best way to brand. Whether you sponsor the little league team, the church picnic or your local magazine, it’s important to give something back to the community. Straight advertising powers awareness, but it doesn’t provide a service, making it weaker than a sponsorship when it comes to the “feel” branding. Reciprocity is very powerful.

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