What do consumers and users like most about social media? It brings them closer to their friends, neighbors and local businesses – all in one place. Best Version Media (BVM) magazines, such as East Fishkill Living, continue to present the best qualities of social media and advertising, all while remaining at the forefront of the most trusted medium: print. Here’s how:

Increased Relevance.

While social media ad budgets continue to grow, Forbes Agency Council predicts that relevance will become the key component in ad strategy. It’s essential to avoid getting lost in the noise of the increasingly hectic social media landscape. Thanks to our hyperlocal, micro-targeted approach, BVM magazines are more relevant than ever.

Authenticity over Automation.

Social media has a lot of great characteristics, but it’s hard to argue that authenticity is one of them. Print is still considered the most authentic medium because it is tangible, has a longer lifespan and engages more than three senses. With BVM magazines, you can tap into the same local target audience as social media—but in a more authentic, memorable way.

A Journey Across Mediums.

With so many options for communicating with consumers, engagement is no longer limited to the sales funnel. Brands are moving toward making initial connections using a trusted, authentic medium to boost visits to corresponding social media over the long term. By using print as the foundation, businesses deliver a trustworthy message to a micro-targeted audience in order to simultaneously increase worthwhile social media interactions.

BVM magazines presents readers with all the benefits of social media but in a trusted, reliable and authentic delivery. By first interacting with their target audience in such a virtuous medium, business owners can begin a mutually fulfilling relationship with consumers for years to come.

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Jeanne partners with Best Version Media (BVM), one of the fastest-growing private publishing companies in North America, to produce East Fishkill Living, her hometown monthly magazine, and works with colleagues on a number of similar glossy publications around the Hudson Valley, Westchester County, Rockland County and Connecticut. If you have target audiences in those areas, contact Jeanne to learn more. Thanks to BVM for portions of this content.