Hudson Valley businessowners have the advantage of living in the community they serve, which sets them apart from national chains. But what really sets them apart is the ability to share their expertise and remind local residents, month after month, that they are the trusted, go-to expert in their industry or service category.
Our Expert Contributor program in our hyperlocal magazines, including East Fishkill Living, does just that, providing maximum exposure in the neighborhoods you serve (or wish to serve) and anchoring you as THE local expert.
When you let readers know that you own this market, they will want to do business with the best. You now have a voice in the community, a direct line of communication with affluent area homeowners. As publishers, we share your name in the community and promote you as our expert to others who might be looking for your services.


Your name and photo are displayed prominently at the front of every issue with other local experts in their categories. This personal introduction each month is a repetitive reminder of your community presence, your love of all things local, and your elevated expertise. It not only builds brand awareness for your company, but it also lifts your personal profile, boosts your recognition, and embeds you in the social circle of the community.

In fact, many of our experts use their magazine expert status as a credential to help them grow. They use this credential as a talking point and display it on their office or showroom wall. They can also link to this webpage, which showcases our East Fishkill experts.


When residents read an article by an expert in his or her field, it creates a connection. Our experts may contribute up to four articles per year on topics related to their specialty. These articles include a headshot photo and byline. Each article should educate readers or showcase your expertise in a way that’s interesting and helpful. Essentially having a blog that actually gets read by residents is content marketing at its finest and a powerful marketing tool.


In addition to your bylined articles and presence at the front of each issue, we also write one Business Profile about each Expert Contributor, allowing you to share your story. We’ll talk about how you got started, the services you offer, your philosophy and culture, and anything else the community needs to know about your business.


All of this content is in addition to your ad that will run in every issue. One you’ve locked in as an Expert Contributor, you’ve cornered the market for three years, even though competitors may want it for themselves. While the value of the Expert Contributor increases over time, the fee remains the same with our Rate Protection Program. Other businesses may advertise, but each magazine has only one expert in each industry category. Once it’s gone, it’s gone for that specialty for at least 36 months, as most renew at the same rate for another term. This exclusivity is what makes this program so popular. The hardest thing we hear is that a customer has regret, seeing their competitor listed in our magazine’s expert column month after month.

To learn more about our Expert Contributor program, contact us.

Jeanne partners with Best Version Media (BVM), one of the fastest-growing private publishing companies in North America, to produce East Fishkill Living, her hometown monthly magazine, and works with colleagues on a number of similar glossy publications around the Hudson Valley. If you have target audiences in those areas, contact Jeanne to learn more. Thanks to BVM for portions of this content.

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